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You don't know how pretty you look with your hair like that
But the pretty milkmaid was much too vexed to make any answer.
She was milking Old Pretty thus, and the sun chancing to be on the milking-side it shone flat upon her pink-gowned form and her white curtain-bonnet, and upon her profile, rendering it keen as a cameo cut from the dun background of the cow.
was all he could say when he saw the pretty little girl in the walnut- shell.
If the salt were not dissolved, and could be brought to market, it would fetch a pretty penny among the fishermen.
Not one in a hundred will ever think anything about your dress, except that it is pretty.
You always will be pretty, do what you will," said George.
The river was coming up pretty fast, and lots of driftwood going by on the rise.
Or, on becoming too weak to go out of doors, I should sit propped up with pillows at the open window of the ground-floor front, and look wasted and interesting, so that all the pretty girls would sigh as they passed by.
If I once thought that, it was pretty to me while it lasted and it lasted but a little time.
But all the men, like good fellows as they were, rallied round their comrade's pretty wife, and paid her their court with soldierly gallantry.
Rupert's Cavaliers were every bit as particular about their lace collars and frills as the lady whose pretty limbs once warmed this cambric.