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I bled for six hours and pretty much lost all my blood.
Which, given Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, we should've pretty much figured out.
I think the kind of plugfests you are talking about are the conferences where people can pretty much go in and see how things are working and get some feel for things.
It's pretty much skating and getting this shit done.
He was backing off most of the time, using his jab and then he pretty much folded in the later rounds and that's what cost him the fight.
Nick Fiorini won and David Gonzales came in second, but when the results were called I think pretty much everyone figured it could have went either way.
I jammed my shoulder pretty good, and the doctors were pretty concerned at that point, but at that time you just pretty much have to play through it,'' Bryant told ESPN.
I told him I'd probably just see him in Austin (which was the next stop on their trip) because the chances of me getting up early and going street skating were pretty much nonexistent.
MINUTE BY MINUTE,' a documentary series from A&E examining disasters and other splashy news stories precisely - more or less - as they played out, debuted last October, when viewers interested in reality were still pretty much glued to CNN.
You were pretty much born into skateboarding, correct?
You loved him in ``The Mummy Returns,'' even though he didn't say much and was pretty much a giant, computer-generated arachnid most of the time.
Well I skated a lot, traveled around the world a lot, filmed a lot, and pretty much lived a life of leisure.