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The defense has prevailed four times, including the past three, Chicago's victories over Phoenix (1993), Seattle (1996) and Utah (1998).
Rarely does the information provided by the arbitrators state whether the claimant prevailed on his or her statutory claim.
Most cases turn on more than one issue, and European courts commonly split the fee pot according to who prevailed on what.
City of Chicago,(20) the plaintiff prevailed in his lawsuit alleging that he was unconstitutionally detained for over 48 hours without a judicial probable cause hearing, but the jury awarded him only nominal damages.
Fog prevailed at a few plain areas of Punjab during morning hours.
Prisoners who had prevailed on their claims under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the Rehabilitation Act (RA) moved for the award of attorney fees.
The trial court in this case ruled that Mattco was not required to established that, absent the firm's negligence, Mattco would have prevailed in the underlying case against GE.
However, dense foggy conditions prevailed over most plain areas of Punjab, while foggy conditions prevailed in D.
Meanwhile, following the prevailed heat wave in most parts of the country Balochistan will also remain under heat wave conditions where hot and dry weather is likely in most parts of the province during next few days.