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No doubt there were others that were prevailed upon to launder this money.
But the Congress said they should resign before solution whereas the "ruling said no election till solution to the Naga issue is arrived at," he pointed out adding that if they (Congress) are serious and sincere, they should have prevailed upon the Centre which is run by Congress-led UPA and also influenced the neighbouring Congress-ruled States to expedite the solution process.
But even if he is prevailed upon to give the Obama administration another lease on life in the current crisis management, the future of the PA is very insecure.
During his appointment on May 12, Aquino prevailed upon Arroyo and said she should "recognise the new government's right to appoint the next chief justice".
My grandmother, realising that my birthmark remained an embarrassment, prevailed upon the local doctor to have it removed and when I was sixteen, I went to the cottage hospital where a surgeon operated upon me and I came away with an impressive facial scar.
Ronald Mitchell, defending, said McEwan was a former heroin user prevailed upon by a drug supplier to act as go-between and store the drugs.
They prevailed upon the high commissions of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Sri Lanka to follow suit.
1 : to succeed in convincing <Students prevailed upon the teacher to extend recess.
Her successor, King James, was prevailed upon by Sir Francis Bacon to designate him "King's Counsel Extraordinary" and it was at this time that the phrase "counsel learned in the law" first came into use.
Mr Cooper prevailed upon his wife and her friend to keep the noise down.
Traditional marriage is a topic of interest now; therefore could Canadian Bishops, do you think, be prevailed upon to request their various sees to ask children and adults to pray three Hail Mary's each day, that the federal government in Canada will support exclusively traditional marriage?
Juchem and other activists then prevailed upon City Councilman Hugh Young to introduce a resolution on October 2 demanding an end to the Iraq War.