prevailing attitudes

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There is special emphasis on what is known about each woman and her life, experiences, and attitudes, in the context of the periodAEs prevailing attitudes towards sex and monogamy.
While not a clinical trial, this study, in stark contrast to prevailing attitudes that views these drugs as harmful, speaks to the public health potential of psychedelic medicine, says Assoc.
Reading these short articles, however, it's possible to glean some insight into prevailing attitudes.
Fourteen years later, Edith (now played by Mia Wasikowska) is an aspiring author at odds with the prevailing attitudes of late Victorian society.
I am not only discussing the operational or safety climate but also the overall prevailing attitudes, standards and environmental conditions in the work place.
Turnbull worked to fashion a new system of philosophy to supplant the rigid scholasticism and dogmatic theology that he felt had overwhelmed the educational institutions and prevailing attitudes of his time.
com)-- Zapproved, the developer of Legal Hold Pro[TM], the nation's leading system for managing legal holds, is conducting its second annual survey of legal professionals on the prevailing attitudes of professionals who currently oversee legal holds and data preservation.
THE wisdom of surveys often provides us insightful peeks at prevailing attitudes to different phenomena.
She realised grief is still a taboo subject for many people where, outwith close friends, the prevailing attitudes are "buck up and get on with it" or "talk to a professional".
The Institute of Physics recently published a document entitled It's Different for Girls which highlighted the issue of gender stereotyping, urging head teachers to challenge any prevailing attitudes among staff that physics is a boys-only subject.
While he is critical of prevailing attitudes and the fairly slavish adherence to the 'canon,' the old ways of doing things, he is equally critical of those predicting doom and failure.
This component would also address the need for reduction of stigma associated with HIV by focused IEC to change the prevailing attitudes and perceptions.