prevailing form

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The founders of these systems see, indeed, the class antagonisms, as well as the action of the decomposing elements, in the prevailing form of society.
Departing from the narrow definition of legitimacy that dominated the Restoration period, Sellin explores the legitimacy, not of government in general, but of monarchy, which even after the French Revolution remained the prevailing form of government in Europe for more than a century.
The Spanish theorists Vicente Carduchio and Francisco Pacheco effected new belief in theparagone (the debate over the competing claims of painting and sculpture) not only to dispute opinions on the superiority of sculpture but also to affirm that painting is the prevailing form of art and the cumulative Spanish reaction to the first forum for paragone that Benedetto Varchi held in Florence in 1547.
This structure was not patterned after the Marcos-era [legal tactics] but is the prevailing form or vehicle of stockholders' [aggroupment] practiced in present-day business, especially for investments in long-term development and infrastructure projects," they said.
While the prevailing form of self-identification in Iran stresses that Iran is a non-Sunni and non-Arab country, one of the 'others' of Salafism as the prevailing worldview in Saudi Arabia is Shi'ism.
In reality, there are very many different forms of democracy and none has been achieved without struggle by ordinary people against whatever was the prevailing form of government.
have collaborated to identify a gene that may hold the key in the fight against myeloid leukemia, the prevailing form of blood cancer in the world today.
Also, the extent to which the prevailing form of Islam is entwined with governmental authority varies.
They demonstrate how the prevailing form of fees in corporate practice generates pressure against honest dealing and high quality service, and in accordance with the Rhodean precept that critique must be followed by proposals for reform, they make some original suggestions for fixing the problems.
Sir Howard said: 'My suspicion is that with-profits business in its prevailing form, with its unclear superstructure, obscure marketing and framework of high charges, will not loom as large in the long-term savings environment in the next 20 years as it has in the past 20 years.