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Although it is prevailingly the predeterminer pulli in Pe Wohunge we find only regular adjectives and adverbs such as clenli 'entirely', luueeli 'lovely', menskli 'generously', and sweteli 'sweetly'.
Speakers in Buckinghamshire prevailingly use the closer variants [ae] and [[epsilon]], while the open realisation [a], characteristic of the county's speech in the 1950s, is still present, but constitutes about only one fifth of the tokens.
He preferred to carefully use the preposition atwen prevailingly with the numeral 'two' and also with personal pronouns, while the preposition twen(e) was dominant with 'Noun + and + Noun' phrases.
Roughly half of the IDPs are living in mostly urban areas controlled by governmental forces, and the other half in prevailingly rural areas held by opposition forces.
At the core of this failure of the redistributive agenda is the bitterness and anger of many of the Black people who feel that the white economy prevailingly disenfranchise the majority.
The product was imidazolium polysulfide with the sulfur chain prevailingly containing 7 and 8 sulfur atoms.
The withdrawal of funds for state housing authorities was of course presented as an economic necessity by the Commonwealth government, but it was a policy that prevailingly benefited the finance and real estate industry.
As the first three months of 2015 unfolded in the midst of a prevailingly fertile climate for food industry mergers and acquisitions, it was logical to presume at least a few key deals were in the works in the CPG supplier community in the aftermath of a sharp uptick in retail deal flow over the past two years.
Cellulose acetate RO membranes, which were prevailingly used before PA membranes, have several drawbacks.
It is a prevailingly valid technique and can be used to handle projects across diverse industries.
In other words, narrative of facts is embedded in texts which are prevailingly argumentative in nature and which explain and apply principles, entertain possible solutions and reach definitive resolutions that address the narrated facts.
Anyway, it is worth noticing that after the onset of the global economic crisis, a growing mismatch between the Chinese government investment guidelines (OFIC) and the factual investment decisions of the companies became increasingly apparent at the EU level, the bulk of investments going prevailingly to the EU15 countries (around 90% of the total inflow), even to the lower ranked ones in the initial governmental listing, and not to the CEE economies from the EU "periphery".