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For persons with household income [less than or equal to] $20,000, the prevalences were lowest in two western states: Montana in 1986 through 1989, and Washington in 1990.
In addition, obesity surveillance and risk factor burden typically rely on cross-sectional prevalence rather than time trends.
9-12 In the present study ophthalmic evaluation was conducted for adult population of Arar city to investigate the prevalence and highlight the main causes of VI in this part of the Kingdom and compare it with the data obtained from the other localities of the country and with the data concerning VI worldwide.
There are numbers of published reports around the globe on prevalence of GI helminth parasites (Islam et al.
Research Question: What is the prevalence of diabetes mellitus and impaired glucose regulation amongst the executives aged 20-60 years in an Industrial area?
Immediately after mandatory fortification, the birth prevalence of NTD cases declined.
The point prevalence of alcohol dependence and abuse was almost 10% among the rescue workers, similar to the 12-month prevalence reported in the general population.
Despite the prevalence of antibodies to a hantavirus in humans in northern Colombia, we did not find any human illnesses.
On the other hand, the point prevalence of major depression among participants in this population was under 6%.
Although the methods for analyzing incidence studies (and incidence case--control studies) are now well established, there is still considerable confusion and debate about the appropriate methods for analyzing prevalence studies (and prevalence case--control studies).
Between January 1993 and December 1999, researchers investigated whether birthplace was associated with HIV prevalence among attendees at STD clinics at seven public health centers in Los Angeles County.