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While other sanitizing agents like chlorine have been used prevalently throughout the food industry, more and more processors are choosing to use ozone because it effectively kills microorganisms without leaving harmful residues in treated product.
Investors looking at these countries are prevalently based in Western Europe and the UK, underscoring the domestic bias of capital flows.
Self-sacrifice and subjugation are identified as two themes that factor prevalently in the cognition schema of FSOs.
It's now being used more prevalently, as it should be, by various career fields outside of HR.
Hezbollah and Iran are actively supporting the Syrian regime in the civil war, led prevalently by Sunni rebel groups, that has seen the growing influence of Islamist extremist fighters.
CLOSED CIRCUIT'' R -- Everyone has seen, read or heard about the closed circuit security cameras that dot the streets of London even more prevalently than in American cities.
However, "convenience store" (32%), and "gas station" (20%) were other prevalently suggested vendors (Table 2).
And they are defined as the following by Turkish General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration: Grey, red, black coloured; well-welded; locally found column decompositoned ignimbrites which are found in the working area, prevalently in the east of Himmetdede, Erkilet and Argaeus Mountains, are named Incesu ignimbrite by Pasquare (1968).
But it's full of beauties, and its prevalently pastoral, understated tone is another rebuke to the received wisdom of verismo generically tearing a passion to Litters.
Wireless email and PIM (Personal Information Manager) are most prevalently used, but still only at an uptake rate of percent.
Thyroid hormone has numerous effects on the cardiovascular system in physiological conditions which are mediated prevalently by intracellular receptors, but also through non genomic pathways.