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Its owner, Horton's Estates, has prevaricated too long.
In what is now turning out to be a massive PR disaster for them, the FA have prevaricated consistently over the past few weeks, regularly changing their stance about the reasons for not awarding City authorisation to play competitive matches.
SIR Philip Mawer, the Parliamentary Standards Commissioner, says MP George Galloway "has consistently denied, prevaricated and fudged in relation to the now undeniable evidence that the Mariam Appeal, and he indirectly through it, received money derived via the Oil for Food programme from the Iraqi regime".
He said: "This ballot result was inevitable after Grampian prevaricated on the issues.
Since then, the MoD has obfuscated, prevaricated and lied to his family.
Elected politicians and local authority officials knew about the financial difficulties at Aston Pride, they knew the organisation was failing to deliver regeneration and yet they prevaricated and did not intervene because they wanted to let 'the community' run the show.