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General secretary Bob Crow said: "Today we are demanding that Network Rail stop prevaricating and give us a definitive timetable for the guaranteed introduction of the secondary protection system.
MP John Hemming is prevaricating for the Liberal Democrats, while Tory council leader Mike Whitby has let it be known that he could yet stand - but he's not saying so publicly.
Prevaricating, as the two leaders are doing about the strategy for the war, is the greatest problem and it stems from weakness.
mp, incalzando) The grasping unyielding unbending ape, The whining complaining prevaricating ape, The know-it-all self-righteous alibi-constructing always-self-justifying ape,
Its frustration rests with the Treasury, which announced a raft of government asset sales in Wednesday's Budget but is still prevaricating over disposing of an operation to which it has never contributed a penny, and for which the consortium has matched its advisor's valuation.
All along, while the world's leaders have been posturing, prevaricating and finally negotiating, dozens more children and their families lie maimed or dead.
It behoves us to recall that the Great Blair, whatever one thinks of these last spinning, prevaricating years, was once an inexperienced boy wonder himself.
Most football authorites across Europe agree that Liverpool should be allowed to defend the cup Everton are already assured of their place in the Champions League - now it is time for Uefa to stop prevaricating and make the right decision.
And even if the College is prevaricating over the legal fears of having been annexed years ago by U of T, the very least the college can do is to issue a clarion call to Catholics on campus by stating their unequivocal support for Church teaching.
The curious reality is that there wasn't a single Martin so much as countless Martins: a perversely encyclopedic collector of cultural artifacts, from lunch boxes to plaster mammies; the single greatest patron of the graffiti-art movement at the nadir of its public and institutional popularity; a pathologically prevaricating provocateurraconteur and troublemaking gossip; a wise old man of many lives and at the same time one of the most irrepressibly juvenile kids in a scene where most were half his age; and, above all, a profoundly idiosyncratic artist whose obsessively social representations of Manhattan's Latino Lower East Side remain as visionary testament to and haunting document o f a time and place renovated and sanitized into oblivion.
It would be even better if the company stopped prevaricating and took the decision today.