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PREVARICATION. Praevaricatio, civil law. The acting with unfaithfulness and want of probity. The term is applied principally to the act of concealing a crime. Dig. 47, 15, 6.

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I FOUND out that more delays are being imposed by the planning authorities from the North York Moors National Park and more prevarication from Redcar and Cleveland in the work they are meant to be conducting in order to look at the Yorkshire Potash planning request.
Well, the time has come to end the prevarication and for Chilcot to produce his inquiry's report.
THE changes for Scotland mapped out by Lord Smith have had an uneasy reception here in the North East; not surprisingly given the additional powers on offer to our northern neighbours and the long history of prevarication and delay when it comes to delivering similar powers to the North East.
Mackay's appointment at Wigan has brought the delay into sharp focus and there has been increasing unease from within the FA itself over the prevarication.
The time for false praise and flattery, prevarication and procrastination is past.
Andy Tuscher, North East director at EEF, said: "Political prevarication and policy reversals have left Britain in the slow lane in developing its infrastructure for decades.
There was much procrastination and prevarication on returning the bodies of the victims.
Given Iran's deliberate prevarication over agreeing to full transparency under the previous government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the international community will insist on a very rigorous inspection regime.
Israeli Enemy campaigns to confiscate this wealth, taking advantage of gaps and prevarication on the domestic scene.
Although these items may indicate a general tendency these days toward prevarication, in my opinion, Credit Union Times should stay away from areas unrelated to credit union issues, particularly those in today's highly-charged political arena.
People are not fooled by attempted slick tactics that rely on prevarication, uncertain objectives or poorly hidden EU fanaticism.
The prevarication by most of the politicians in Cardiff has been yet another exercise in obfuscation; keep a low profile until the furore dies down, and then carry out what was first decided.