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Netanyahu is a world-class prevaricator, with this quality on display throughout his remarks.
This does not mean abandoning negotiations, but rather doing away with the likes of the Quartet, whose feats include appointing Tony Blair as an inept envoy, and becoming a dispenser of vapid statements and a prevaricator that obstructs the tackling of issues on the ground.
The image of the "flying Pope", titled Agent Prevaricator, was created by the artist iRat, in response to the Papal visit, and Corke says it has already generated both positive and negative responses from those who have seen it above the gallery.
There were glimpses of the old prevaricator when he refused to say why he did not publicly back South Shields MP David Miliband as the next Labour leader.
At least that was the case of at least one prevaricator whose name popped up in a suspicious activity report (SAR) alerting the authorities to possible mortgage fraud while he was on probation for an earlier criminal offense.
Hillary Clinton will soon catch up to the great prevaricator -- her husband, Bill.
Paul Martin appears in the book as a prevaricator, willing to say one thing in cabinet and another in public and to work closely with the PMO and then to coin his famous "Who do you know in the PMO?
Their radio ads ballyhoo this self-confessed prevaricator as if he were a knight in shining armor.