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I must agree, but while education plays a very important role in curbing crime and bigotry, I personally believe that instilling good and moral values to your children is still the best tool available to prevent crime and criminal injustices.
Penalizing all law-abiding gun owners because a system is flawed does not prevent crime from happening, nor does it keep the wrong people from getting their hands on guns.
The Australian Crime and Violence Prevention Awards (ACVPA) are now in their 21st year and they play a vital role in highlighting effective, community-based initiatives to prevent crime or violence before it is committed.
How we prevent crime and deal with offenders is under serious threat.
NEIGHBOURHOOD watch programmes are vital if the public wants to prevent crime according to sociologist and criminologist Maria Constantinou.
Laycock said that monitoring the pay of low-paid workers was an example of the "pre-emptive problem solving" that would help prevent crime.
Police and partners are also working together to monitor CCTV cameras to prevent crime, while officers are targeting known offenders.
Applications to the Police Property Act Fund - which sells the proceeds of crime or unclaimed property - are invited from groups who help prevent crime and anti-social behaviour.
Deputy Chief Constable Dave Thompson said: "Throughout December, we will be providing people with an insight into the work we conduct on a daily basis to prevent crime.
He said: "I want to try to prevent crime, but then, how do you prevent crime?
This funding supports the council's commitment to invest to CCTV to prevent crime and antisocial behaviour and make neighbourhoods safe for the city's residents.
The poll, commissioned by the Prison Reform Trust, showed that when offered a range of measures to prevent crime and disorder, most people (84 per cent) thought better supervision of young people by parents would be effective.

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