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See: censor
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She is also calling for "restriction" of the media to prevent publication of "harmful" images of women which, she says, "facilitate" violence against girls.
The Guardian newspaper has sought for a decade to obtain the letters sent to ministers under then-Prime Minister Tony Blair, but successive governments have acted to prevent publication for fear of undermining the position of the heir to the throne.
Mazari expressed regret that Sethi has used his influence to prevent publication of the Transparency International Pakistan's letter to the President in the media.
Sudanese journalists work under tight daily censorship controls exercised by the NISS to prevent publication of certain items deemed inappropriate by the security apparatus.
A court order exists to prevent publication of information which could lead to the identification of young persons involved in the case.
Meanwhile, the Oman Journalist Association "strongly condemned" the article and urged the Ministry of Information to take appropriate action to prevent publication of such damaging articles.
The new regulator will not be allowed to prevent publication as that would amount to censorship.
The media might take more care before it damages someone's reputation if it was made easier and cheaper for ordinary people to prevent publication and seek redress.
Freddie Starr, real name Frederick Fowell, previously applied to the High Court for an injunction to prevent publication of a "libellous allegation".
Starr, 69, who lives in Mappleborough Green, Warwickshire, rushed out a statement denying the allegations after a High Court injunction he had obtained to prevent publication was overturned.
The principle on privacy goes on to say that the right to privacy "should not prevent publication of matters of public record or in the public interest".
Washington, Aug 31 ( ANI ): Children of the legendary "Godfather" author and Italian American screenwriter Mario Puzo have sued famous film and television distribution firm Paramount Pictures for trying to prevent publication of a new book.

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