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noun bar, barrier, constraint, constriction, control, damper, determent, deterrence, deterrent, fetter, hindrance, impediment, inhibition, obstacle, obstruction, obtrusion, obviation, predisposition, presumption, prohibition, restraint, restriction, retardation, stoppage, thwarting
See also: bar, barrier, constraint, control, damper, deterrence, deterrent, disadvantage, fetter, frustration, halt, impediment, obstruction, obviation, prohibition, restraint, restriction, stay, veto

PREVENTION, civil and French law. The right of a judge to take cognizance of an action over which he has concurrent jurisdiction with another judge.
     2. In Pennsylvania it has been ruled that a justice of the peace cannot take cognizance of a cause which has been previously decided by another justice. 2 Dall. 77; Id. 114.

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They can do so successfully if they have accurate, up-to-date prevention education materials designed for use with adolescents.
5-8: Conference: Chronic Disease Prevention Alliance of Canada; Ottawa; www.
Others say that the only way to lower the number of new HIV infections occurring annually--currently holding steady at about 40,000--is to dramatically increase spending on prevention programs.
In August 2002 the Illinois Higher Education Center (IHEC) for Alcohol, Other Drug and Violence Prevention at Eastern Illinois University initiated a grant competition targeted at institutions of higher education in the state of Illinois.
Treatment and prevention interventions for inhalant abuse should consider regional differences and other variables in the development and testing of new interventions.
The magazine is being targeted to healthcare and related professionals whose work impacts suicide prevention or the life of suicidal individuals, including social and human service specialists, public policy and government relations executives, educators, researchers, legal and law enforcement professionals, counselors, scholars and related professionals in such fields as violence prevention, benefits administration, and emergency and crisis intervention.
In 2003, CDC, the Health Resources and Services Administration, National Institutes of Health, and the HIV Medicine Association of the Infectious Diseases Society of America issued recommendations to assist clinicians in integrating HIV prevention into primary care for HIV-infected persons.
This designation is for the prevention of Respiratory Distress Syndrome (RDS) in premature neonates of less than 32 weeks of gestational age and for the treatment of RDS in premature neonates of less than 37 weeks of gestational age.
There is a clear necessity for teenage pregnancy prevention and intervention efforts that are grounded in the unique needs and experiences of Hispanic youth.
This study describes the design and implementation an Osteoporosis Prevention Program for middle-aged women using the Health Belief Model.
Use the manual to design an abuse prevention program that focuses on teaching federal regulations, guidelines, and surveyor protocol for abuse investigations.
Prevention refers to taking actions to reduce or prevent school violence from occurring, planning determines what actions to take if school violence does occur, and practice entails rehearsing plans and modifying them when needed.

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