preventive custody

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Asim, a close of Confidante of Asif Ali Zardari, into preventive custody for 90 days on charges of embezzlement and using misappropriated funds in terrorist acts.
Karachi -- Two anti-terrorism courts in Karachi handed over three workers of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) to Rangers under 90-day preventive custody.
In a related development, Indian police sources said that all key separatist leaders were taken into preventive custody to avoid their participation in rallies organized on Friday in the Kashmir Valley.
The PSA allows lawenforcing agencies to take anyone into preventive custody up to six months without trial in case it is felt that he is a threat to peace and national security.
Police took the two into preventive custody at Maisuma as they attempted to take out a march towards Narbal, where Suhail Ahmad Sofi was killed and two others were injured when security forces opened fire at demonstrators who were protesting against the killing of two youths in an army operation in Tral area of the north Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir earlier this week.
AFTE also said that citing "security reasons" is similar to the laws of preventive custody, which allow the prosecution investigators to keep the defendants under detention pending investigations.
Hammarskjold never spoke about it, and even in writing to the UN's Security Council afterwards, when he told the UN he didn't know where Lumumba was and that they couldn't take him into preventive custody.
Similar arrests have been made in areas north of Srinagar and around 60 stone-throwers have been taken into preventive custody, according to the spokesman.
As a precautionary measure, 14,860 suspected individuals have been taken into preventive custody in the city since 5 March.
Thackeray was released by the Mumbai Police after he was detained and taken under preventive custody while he was on his way to the Vashi toll plaza to lead a non-violent protest.
The ones who still managed to reach the venue were taken into preventive custody under Section 144, which prohibits the assembly of more than four persons.
Detainees in preventive custody do not have suitable spaces; prisons have become dilapidated, and graduate criminals," he said.

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