preyed upon

See: aggrieved
References in classic literature ?
Jupiter, displeased with all their complaints, sent a Heron, who preyed upon the Frogs day by day till there were none left to croak upon the lake.
For a whole week he was not able to sleep well, so much the villainy which he had played upon his trusting mother preyed upon his rag of conscience; but after that he began to get comfortable again, and was presently able to sleep like any other miscreant.
Now Umslopogaas turned and fled swiftly, bounding over the dead and the wolves who preyed upon them, and the captain followed with uplifted spear, and mocked him as he came.
Was he not simply another of the countless wild things of the jungle who preyed upon one another to satisfy the cravings of hunger?
From time immemorial the black pirates of Barsoom have preyed upon the Holy Therns.
White Fang was to her a wolf, the hereditary marauder who had preyed upon her flocks from the time sheep were first herded and guarded by some dim ancestor of hers.
The sidewalk was blockaded with sightseers who had gathered to stare at sightseers, justifying the natural law that every creature on earth is preyed upon by some other creature.
This state of mind preyed upon my health, which had perhaps never entirely recovered from the first shock it had sustained.
Summary: Actress adds that she herself was never preyed upon by anyone
She was the victim of assault, preyed upon because of her vulnerability as a migrant woman,' the Church-backed PCPR said.
The judge, Recorder Stephen Bedford, said: "You preyed upon his vulnerability because he was somewhat the worse for wear.
While parents drive their children to school rather than leave them to be preyed upon by lurking paedophiles, they will allow them to roam freely on the information superhighway, where danger hides behind false profiles.