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The AID said Farmers was supposed to implement procedures "to avoid erroneous transmissions to the Department," but the Preyer case was evidence that it had not.
26) Robert Preyer, "Robert Browning: A Reading of the Early Narratives," ELH 26 (1959): 531-548; repr.
Richardson Preyer Federal Courthouse, 324 West Market Street, Greensboro, North Carolina, for the purpose of determining whether the proposed Settlement is fair, reasonable, adequate, and in the best interests of the Company and its shareholders, and should be approved by the Court, and whether Judgment should be entered dismissing the Action as provided in the Stipulation.
When Preyer returned, forced his way into his victim's home a second time, and smashed through a window and a door to get to the victim, she was able to defend herself, and shot and killed this violent career criminal.
A superb 1867 still life by the German artist Johann Wilhelm Preyer, estimated at US$50,000-80,000, is already generating considerable interest from overseas.
He recently retired as director of the Institute of Laboratory Diagnostics at Kaiser Franz Josef Hospital and Preyer Children's Hospital.
Then it passed from Gottfried von Preyer to the collector J.
5) and preyer shal bene reherside and seyde at euery tyme yat (ye) alderman and (ye) bretheren bene togedere (Gilds)
They will face North Carolina's Chase Helpingstine and Parker Preyer today, with a possible semifinal match to follow.
Realmente era dificil preyer que un extranjero pudiese hablar de cosa tan compleja,--casi innacesible [sic] en sus dos aspectos el tOcnico y el bello, aun para muchos espanoles que se tienen por "buenos aficionados"--, como es la tauromaquia, con esa intuicion, ese conocimiento, ese buen sentido, que constituyen el insospechado valor de La muerte en la tarde.
Backing him was a faultless six-piece backing band including Pat Coil (keyboards), Bernie Chiaravalle (guitar) and the wonderfully versatile Yvette Preyer on drums and vocals.
In 1981, Brenda Preyer stated "there is no reliable contemporary literary or documentary information to explain the origin of the use of the diamond ring as an emblem by .