price charged

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The price charged for the delivery of 15 000 EUR excluding VAT.
In addition, Michigan's largest gas utility is planning a further 15 percent price reduction in its fuel price charged to customers beginning in April.
While many low-income individuals obtain prescription coverage through government programs and may receive relatively generous drug benefits, those who have no prescription coverage are required to pay the full retail price charged at their pharmacies.
The trauma of tears is the price charged for visiting the sick in hospital.
It says up to 86 per cent of the price charged for a bottle of wine can be profit.
A complaint was made that the price charged for a pint was 10c higher what was on their price list, which was A4.
Comparable uncontrolled price method: Compares the price for properly or services transferred in u controlled transaction to the price charged for property or services transferred in a comparable uncontrolled transaction in comparable circumstances.
The aim is to show consumers just how little farmers receive for their produce compared with the price charged in the shops for milk.
30, 2002, limits electricity rates to 85 percent of the price charged by producers who operate the 11-state western region's least-efficient power plants and therefore set the highest prices for electricity.
Specifically, SOP 98-4 deferred the second sentence of paragraph 10 in SOP 97-2, which limits vendor-specific objective evidence (VSOE) of the fair value of the various elements in a multiple-element arrangement to (a) the price charged when the same element is sold separately or (b) for an element not yet being sold separately the price established by management having the relevant authority.
Considering the premium price charged for leaner grinds, Hughes says, "that extra 4 percent isn't a very significant loss.
The profiles include a brief description about the testing centre, the products and services offered by the center and the price charged for those, as well as the centers contact details.