price increase

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44% of the respondents believe that the price increase is due to the political and economic situation in Egypt, while 10% believe it is a normal increase.
We are likely to see improving loss ratios in the near future if this level of price increases and loss trends continue," says Thomas Hettinger, property and casualty sales and practice leader for the Americas at Towers Watson.
The head of the association said they intend on cooperating with the ministry on all aspects leading to public good but claimed "no arbitrary price increases happened.
Central Ink Corporation announced price increases of 10% to 12% on all product lines.
If there was ever a time to blame commodity costs for a necessary price increase, it was last year.
NEW YORK-Some of the biggest brands in major appliances are beginning to pass price increases down the supply chain to relieve the pain caused by raw material costs.
On the other hand, New York courts have excused performance upon the destruction of a factory or where government closure of one of two waste disposal facilities resulted in a 666% price increase.
Jean Bina, supply chain manager of Bowling Green, Ohio-based Phoenix Technologies, says exporters have contributed to the price increases.
In the at-home (AH) segment, P & G was the leader in announcing the only price increase for that market in August 2004.
In an April statement, Dow announced price increases of 10 cents/lb, for liquid and solid epoxy resins, eight cents/lb.
On December 18, 2003, the HIV Medicine Association asked Abbott to "reconsider the recent 500 percent price increase of ritonavir (Norvir[R]), a drug which as you know is necessary to the success of virtually all protease inhibitor combinations for the treatment of HIV infection.