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The purpose of the study is to examine the reliability of beta as a measure of risk by predicting the stock price movement during negative price swings and to test the predictive power of a price-earnings ratio as a measure of risk during the same period.
The price-earnings ratio is also related to the anticipated growth in the earnings of the company.
Some growth investors prefer to see a price-earnings ratio that is lower than the three-year profit growth rate for a stock.
65 each, representing a discount of up to 69 per cent and a price-earnings ratio of a paltry four times next year's earnings.
Investment philosophy: ``Although we believe that good earnings, stock rankings, price-earnings ratio and management are important, money goes where money is.
8 average price-earnings ratio for the Standard and Poor's 500 stock index.
While listed stocks trade, in general, at about 17 to 20 times earnings, Herr said, the price-earnings ratio for the unlisted stocks in which he makes markets is likely to be five to eight times earnings.
The company is acquired at a price-earnings ratio of 5 and price-sales ratio of 1.
The enhanced InstantBroker service also features the first wireless intra-day stock screener, enabling customers to analyze stocks based on financial parameters, such as trading range, price-earnings ratio and market capitalization.