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Then I saw Chloris, whom Neleus married for her beauty, having given priceless presents for her.
MY PRICELESS BARBARA ALEXIEVNA,--What am I to say to you, now that all is over, and we are gradually returning to our old position?
The chiefs about the son of Atreus chose their men and marshalled them, while Minerva went among them holding her priceless aegis that knows neither age nor death.
you speak of the dead; the dead, at least, were full of respect and submission; they resigned themselves to an order of exile; they carried their despair away with them in their hearts, like a priceless possession, because the despair was caused by the woman they loved, and because death, thus deceptive, was like a gift or a favor conferred upon them.
The coins alone were priceless, leaving out of count all the precious stones; and the dead weight of the gold and silver alone might be two or three hundred tons.
I wonder where he discovered these priceless stuffs.
There was the rub--in spite of her eagerness, the little one, so priceless, wasn't as yet quite definite, real.
For Italy was offering her the most priceless of all possessions--her own soul.
An instant before and he had had but a desperate hope of winning these priceless things from her at the cost of all his dignity and self-respect.
Pictures, priceless furniture, music, brilliant conversation--ah, that, my dear young man, if you'll excuse me, is what you've no conception of here
It happens that the fire is hot where my Lady sits and that the hand-screen is more beautiful than useful, being priceless but small.
On parting he slipped upon my finger a curiously wrought ring set with a dead-black, lusterless stone, which appeared more like a bit of bituminous coal than the priceless Barsoomian gem which in reality it is.