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That's why it's in the catalogue, along with rainbow makers and stainless steel egg prickers.
Picker, Picker Bush, Pricker Bush - A burr or other vegetation that grows on a bush and sticks to your clothing.
If you're struggling so hard to buy someone a present that you'll consider an egg pricker, then it's because most of us already have everything we need.
Finally she got herself trapped in some serious pricker bushes, which even cut through her tough hide.
As she jumped right when she was beaten here first time, I put a pricker on her last time and she wouldn't face it.
Fart powder, itching powder, stink bombs, plastic dog turds and the famous whoopee cushion (probably the greatest pricker of pomposity ever invented).
Briery Hill had run out on a bend at Aspatria recently, but the fitting of a different bit, together with a pricker by trainer Hector Barnfather did the trick in the two-and-a-half-mile maiden.