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You talk of being proud; I am called proud, I know, and I shall not wish to believe myself otherwise; for our pride, if investigated, would have the same object, I have no doubt, though the kind may seem a little different.
He looked, as he spoke, to the seat which Mrs Clay had been lately occupying: a sufficient explanation of what he particularly meant; and though Anne could not believe in their having the same sort of pride, she was pleased with him for not liking Mrs Clay; and her conscience admitted that his wishing to promote her father's getting great acquaintance was more than excusable in the view of defeating her.
And Norah was wrong to place a scruple of pride, and a hopeless belief in her sister which no strangers can be expected to share, above the higher claims of an attachment which might have secured the happiness and the prosperity of her future life.
Organisers put on the biggest ever Pride Cymru this summer in Cardiff for members of the LGBT+ community.
This year, Pride helped to host the National Equality March.
Talbert said he and another gay Trump supporter sent an application to Charlotte Pride so they could have a float in the Pride Parade.
Since New York is the birthplace of the modern Pride movement, I chatted with Eboni Munn, Communications Manager at NYC Pride, and asked her how she saw the city's upcoming Pride event.
Ten years after the conclusion of our Euro Pride, which [established] Madrid as the capital of LGBTIQ Europe, we proudly welcome World Pride," says the organization AEGAL, which runs the Spanish capital's annual Pride celebration.
Organisers of Liverpool Pride Festival 2016 in July are inviting the city's retail and commercial sectors to get behind Dress With Pride.
Pride is a lot more than just "rainbow flags and colourful outfits.
Daniel Browne, 31, and his fellow Warwickshire Pride organisers have launched a crowd funding campaign to secure the future of this year's event.
For several years Delta has teamed up annually with some of the largest regional Pride events around the world.