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The prideful business leader will ignore what is obvious to everyone else.
com, it seemed that the prideful UAE was pretending not to see the elephant in the room.
The tales they share go heavy on allegory (happiness is akin to a confused knight or prideful rooster) and long on despair (love is fleeting, people are shady and god mostly doesn't care).
While the earlier landmark, the erstwhile Papoo market, now will only remain in memory, West Gate Palace Hotel is all set to take its prideful place once the project is completed, he said.
Is it that because liberal Democrats hate the fact that incarceration of criminals is a much better motivator toward honesty than all of their touchy-feely taxpayer-funded failed social experiments and they're too prideful to admit it?
Enhancing the scene even more were the smiling, pride-filled faces of Jacksonians, standing shoulder to shoulder with an even larger number of equally prideful visitors.
God, Moser contends, may purposefully hide himself (perhaps because of prideful human demands insisting on displays of divine pyrotechnics).
How we must grieve the Holy One with our petty fights, prideful power struggles and lack of love and forgiveness.
We have been Herod and Pilate in the accounts of Jesus' death, cowardly and prideful in the face of injustice.
This is a truly historic and prideful day for Polonians and all Polish-Americans," said Bogdan Chmielewski, CEO of the Brooklyn, N.
Winter concluded that Michael Monsoor's heroism and self sacrifice for his teammates and his nation epitomize the Navy's core values and will forever provide prideful admiration for our Sailors.
If many of those same viewers who have been impressed by China's successes in Beijing now also find themselves recoiling at the idea of a stronger and more prideful China, that is understandable.