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Oh, tallish, dark, clever--talks well--rather a prig, I think.
I never can make out what you mean by a prig," said Rosamond.
But a prig is a fellow who is always making you a present of his opinions.
I deeply wish to offend these self-righteous prigs who censor an ancient tradition.
The Shepherd will leave his flock of 99 sheep to search for the one lost sheep, and there is more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 self-righteous prigs who do not see themselves as needing repentance.
It is all too easy to imagine psycho-profiles - people who like uniforms or selfrighteous prigs who think there are a lot of suspect people out there who should really be locked up.
She follows this introductory defense of John Calvin's thought with essays on such topics as "Darwinism," "Puritans and Prigs," "Family," and "Wilderness.
Suppressing every sense of academic fidelity, prigs and prima donnas from both extremes find a few words from Quaid's speeches and embellish them to suite their own interests.
Commentators have advanced all sorts of reasons for its failure--from the lack of much overt action to the incessant moralizing and ru minatingand the one-dimensional nature of the leading characters (Handel scholar Winton Dean described Theodora as "one of the most insufferable prigs in literacure).
There is nothing worse than those Facebook prigs who refuses to upload a single picture of themself, probably in the paranoid belief that Ukrainian gangsters are just waiting to use it on a forged passport.
A lot of them small town prigs, proud of their United