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However, in a much-appreciated move, he considers as "urgent" the call to discern the "true characteristics of universal primacy aside from administrative and juridical considerations" (26).
In her effort to have it both ways--to discredit shareholder primacy while holding shareholders primarily accountable for the actions of listed companies and the financial markets--she subjects the reader to pages of theoretical musings, mythological analogies, and other esoterica that read almost like a parody of the distorted thinking she so effectively skewers in Part I.
For more flexibility and top performances, Primacy is equipped either with a single or double-sided option.
I shall demonstrate this thesis by establishing my sources, examining the insights they afford in light of their historical context, and placing these insights into dialogue with contemporary Roman Catholic teaching on the nature of papal primacy and of the unity of the Church.
According to media reports, Primacy Industries, based in the port city of Mangalore in India's southern state of Karnataka, is said to have acquired the deal worth $200 million, though the company declined to comment on the value of the deal.
The achievement of police primacy is a definitive stance toward a safe and secure nation for all Iraqis.
He said, in this connection, that the Tunisian approach to the primacy of law has contributed to devising a comprehensive and developed vision of justice.
We have looked at the primacy through the lens of mission," said Bishop Michael Ingham, diocese of New Westminster.
attempts to maintain its global financial primacy (but 1930s Britain did neither with catastrophic consequences).
86) This would mean that primacy is arranged in the primordial model that was exercised in the five patriarchates before the great schism of 1054 according to which each patriarchate had its own primus and the five together had a protos (Dvornik, Byzantium and the Roman Primacy, pp.
For a hedge fund activist, much of shareholder primacy doctrine is already irrelevant or worse, and its fundamental premise that ownership is separated from control seems at best only imperfectly true when it matters most-when the fund is actively investing.
Archbishop Hutchison, who is set to retire in June 2007, said that since he assumed the primacy in June 2004, he has visited 29 of Canada's 30 dioceses, with only Athabasca remaining.