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The fact that Primaeval, owned by TV celebs Ant and Dec, held a prominent pitch early on - while those directly behind him came from off the pace - gives the form additional merit and an 8lb rise in the weights may not stop him from completing the hat-trick.
WINNER Ant and Dec with jockey Hayley Turner, and their horse Primaeval after winning at Goodwood
The pounds 6million Primaeval is about a time-travelling scientist, played by fellow Scot Douglas Henshall, who chases dinosaurs through time with James as an assistant.
of primaeval forests, whose gloom was peopled by savage beasts, and
And so, if we are to be judged by our unconscious wishful impulses, we ourselves are, like primaeval man, a gang of murderers.
When the trees come down and cattle are put to graze on the cleared spaces this humus is soon exhausted and the hope of ever regenerating the forests disappears for good since the conditions in which these primaeval forests grew to maturity over millennia can never be recreated.
The Abbey dramatists of the next generation will lose their material, and the living dramatists had better make hay while the sun shines, for the supply of primaeval rustics will tend to diminish, and in the peasant play of ten years hence the farmers will be talking about units of horse-power instead of the mist on the bog or the wind on high lonely hills.
Even if this includes some reversals and secondary afforestation, the overall trend in most pollen diagrams is one that moves away from primaeval wildwood and towards culturally created landscapes.
She contented herself with quoting Sir Walter Raleigh's "apt description" of such philology as "hypothetical sound-shiftings in the primaeval German forests" (Spurgeon 1922: 63).
From the chaos of primaeval time, shapes coalesce, shift, unite, repel, fuse; masses are thrown up, subside again, layer upon layer.
Three themes are laid down immediately: a pacing rhinoceros with the Brakhage window (now very much the guillotine) projected Onto his hide, which is as primaeval as the deep-sea creatures in Song 8.
This is not to say that moments of "jubilation," of poetic "smuggling," of a vision of wild primaeval "dancing," do not flash across the threshold of Dupin's writing.