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To design a fast primality test for finding a prime number is necessary and very important.
In Section 2 we describe modern primality test methods such as probabilistic and deterministic primality test methods.
The only terms needs to be checked for primality are 7 + 20n, 12 + 20n and 15 + 20n.
The Brillhart-Lehmer-Selfridge test implemented in PrimeFormGW was used to prove primality.
Here is the PFGW primality certificate for this number:
But because certain numbers slip through, it can't serve as a definitive test of primality.
This has made things very frustrating for primality testers," Williams says.
in Mathematics from the University of Calgary, Alberta, Canada in 1994, with thesis research areas in cryptographic coding, primality testing algorithms and C programming on Ibm UNIX for primality testing research.
Without supercomputers and primality testing programs, identification of large prime numbers would be impossible.