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The primary action plan of the forum is to conduct awareness campaigns in labour camps and wherever workers live in groups because they are the ones who mostly fall victim due to their need for money," said Mr Balakrishnan.
Researchers propose an extract of Gingko biloba (EGb) as an adjunct to pharmacological treatment as the primary action of Ginkgo in the body is as an antioxidant.
Primary action arm of the Secretary of the Air Force inspection system.
Further, they have to pretend that they can separate out the primary action of the medicine from all the side effects, which they cannot.
With Oregon knocked out of the early presidential primary action, the state's activists pin their hopes on the general election.
Other Eisteddfod concerts include a primary action songs competition, a secondary action songs competition and orchestral competition.
HF: You will begin the catalogue for the installation with two old pieces: To Lift [1967], which proposed a primary action or process in your work; and To Encircle Base Plate Hexagram, Right Angles Inverted [1970], a steel circle embedded in a derelict street, which established physical site and social context as fundamental to your practice.
Although albuterol can inhibit mediator release, its primary action is to relax smooth muscle.
Part 2 changes pace considerably, seeming to drag at times, with the primary action being Paco's attempt to prove himself innocent of the assassination of Luis, his father-in-law.