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In class 5, those performing only one primary action left-handed resembled the original class 3 (unscrewing the lid of a jar left-handed) and those performing two or more primary actions left-handed resembled the original class 4 (dealing playing cards left-handed).
The primary action in biological systems by ELF fields is the induction of electrical charges and currents.
Women are now the primary action people in Star Trek,"" says a beaming Gates McFadden.
A primary action of ellagic acid is to protect the body's chromosomes from damage and block the cancer-promoting actions of pollutants.
The primary action takes place at the research unit level, for the key ingredient of each CRADA is the scientific plan of work.
Although primary action in insurance legislation usually takes place on the state level, several key federal initiatives have been spawned, including Rep.
The primary action that Project Athena has taken is the publication of a set of principles.
Duprey, president and chief executive officer, stated, "Our primary action to regain minimum bid compliance is to achieve our objective for positive Adjusted EBITDA in 2012 by executing our strategy to grow revenue and further diversify our industrial and customer mix while improving our operating efficiency.
Taking Action: The primary action taken as a result of understanding the connection between roadway pollution and water quality is to avoid littering (30 percent), followed distantly by making sure there are no leaking fluids (14 percent).
This probably will help Republicans this year, since the primary action is in that party.
The Save Lansdowne Primary Action Committee say they have never had a fair hearing from the council since the proposal was first published and welcome the chance to put their case to the Minister.