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Less common causes of primary adrenal insufficiency are chronic infections, mainly fungal infections; cancer cells spreading from other parts of the body to the adrenal glands; amyloidosis; and surgical removal of the adrenal glands.
Patients with primary adrenal insufficiency do not produce cortisol during the 48- to 72-hour period; however, patients with secondary adrenal insufficiency have adequate responses to the test on the second or third day.
Anecdotal evidence supports this approach, because both primary adrenal insufficiency and malnutrition can be risk factors for osmotic demyelination (2).
A tendency toward metabolic alkalosis suggests SIADH or diuretic use, whereas metabolic acidosis suggests primary adrenal insufficiency (4).
Two of the patients had primary adrenal insufficiency (Addison disease), two had secondary adrenal insufficiency (hypopituitarism),10 had adrenal adenoma, two had Cushing disease, five had ectopic ACTH secretion, 10 were hypertensive patients with CRI, and two were cases of 11[beta]-OH steroid dehydrogenase deficiency (AME-1).
0] (n = 50); t + 1 h (n = 16) Range 135-460 406-1040 Primary adrenal insufficiency MAI (b) 6.

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