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Fadeela Al Shareef, Director of Health Education and Promotion at the Ministry said that the Smart Family Race comes within the events of the healthy heart campaign, which started last year and will continue for two years, to reduce the risks of cardiovascular diseases, which are considered the primary cause of death in the UAE.
Obesity and alcohol misuse are the primary causes of liver disease.
If thimerosal exposure is a primary cause of autism, then the prevalence of autism would be predicted to decrease, as young children's exposure to thimerosal has sharply decreased to its lowest levels in decades," wrote the researchers.
Today, one-third of the world's population lives in countries with moderate or high water stress, a fact that leads many experts to proclaim that water may possibly be the primary cause of international tensions and the foremost threat to environmental health in the twenty-first century.
In a search for the factors underlying age-related macular degeneration--a deterioration of the eye that is the primary cause of vision loss in the elderly--the researchers have implicated one of several variants of the gene that encodes the protein called complement factor H, or CFH.
About 80 percent of parents and teachers say discipline issues begin at home; parents' failure to teach discipline is a primary cause of school problems.
Statistics presented in the petition point to the rapid increases in exports of copper and brass scrap as the primary cause of dwindling domestic supply and sharp price increases in recent years.
Our ability to attract top sales professionals to this concept and this kind of environment is a primary cause of our rapid growth.
HpSA rapid test for Helicobacter pylori bacteria, the primary cause of stomach ulcers.
One of these theories holds that the primary cause of age-related loss of function might be attributable to somatic DNA mutations.
My response -- Yes, the model is broken, but it was not the primary cause of this collapse.
ELIZABETH LOVE'S STORY ON SOFTWARE piracy in the June issue ignores the primary cause of this problem.