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The endometrial tissue samples used for the primary culture were removed and transported immediately to the laboratory.
Ex vivo model was developed on the basis of primary culture deriving from normal (unaffected by atherosclerosis) human aortic intima (Orekhov 1990).
Effect of some phthalate ea-ters and other testicular toxins on primary cultures of testicular cells.
Colonies derived from the primary culture were serially diluted with sterile distilled water to [10.
Following cell expansion, the adherent Men-SCs obtained from both groups of women revealed a spindle-shaped, fibroblast-like morphology similar to the typical appearance of MSCs in the primary culture and passage 2 (Figures 1a and b).
After the primary culture, when adherent cells reached to 90% confluency, they were detached with 0.
Table-III: Comparison of media for rate of presumptive identification as primary culture plate.
Some of the procedures used by various workers to combat this problem are: (1) Adding antioxidants like ascorbic acid, polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) dithiothreitol or bovine serum albumin into culture medium (McComb and Newton, 1981); (2) Presoaking explants in antioxidant before inoculating culture [In Tectona grandis bud culture, explants were suspended in various solutions of different antibrowning agent, performed by Gupta et al, [11]; (3) Incubating the initial period of primary cultures in reduced light or darkness; (4) Frequently transferring the explant into fresh medium whenever browning of the medium is observed.
The working with cell lines is less labor intensive and easy to handle as compared to primary culture and hence provide economical means for propagation of viruses.
To obtain the appropriate time for primary culture, two culture times of 3 hr primary culture and overnight culture in DMEM-F12 media with 10% FBS were compared to each other.
For children this is called primary culture in which they develop language, individual identity, the learning of self-control and skills.

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