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This study showed a very weak individual correlation between active caries disease in the primary dentition at three and six years of age and active caries disease at 19 years of age (Table 3).
The correlations between active caries disease in the primary dentition and active caries disease at 19 years of age were very low at an individual level.
Assessing risk indicators for dental caries in the primary dentition.
Though Andreasen stated that trauma to the primary dentition is usually confined to the supporting structures [Andreassen and Andreassen, 1994] Holan contradicted that it may apply to the primary incisors and not molars [Holan, 1997].
Li Y, Navia JM, Bian JY: Prevalence and distribution of developmental enamel defects in primary dentition of Chinese children 3-5 years old.
Developmental enamel defects of the primary dentition in a group of Californian children.
Table 2 shows the data for each of the seven oral conditions in boys and girls with primary dentition.
Children with primary dentition showed significantly more dental caries, children with mixed dentition showed more gingivitis and children with permanent dentition also showed more gingivitis and malocclusion.
Electronic apex locator: a useful tool for root canal treatment in the primary dentition.
It is possible that by eliminating pathogenic microflora during the primary dentition phase via early extraction of all involved/ affected teeth plus daily local, mechanical, chemical control of irritant factors damage to the permanent dentition can be prevented in pre-pubertal periodontitis.
Caries experience in the primary dentition among French 6-year-olds between 1991 and 2000.