prime motive

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This was enough to determine Sir Thomas; and a decisive "then so it shall be" closed that stage of the business; Sir Thomas retiring from it with some feelings of satisfaction, and views of good over and above what he had communicated to his son; for his prime motive in sending her away had very little to do with the propriety of her seeing her parents again, and nothing at all with any idea of making her happy.
He had come upon Germans and had not killed them; but it was because the killing of Germans at large was not yet the prime motive of his existence--now it was to discover the individual who slew his mate.
Our prime motive was satisfaction of the consumers for a safe and healthy skin, she added.
This has been our prime motive and is reflected in all our activities," Zainulabideen stressed.
Cynically, one could say that getting into power rather than exercising it is the prime motive of many politicians.
While regulatory ease is a prime motive, so are the infrastructure, both the aACAyhard' one as represented by its transport and logistics links and the aACAysoft' in the form of access to innovation driven processes.
That was the prime motive that pushed Riyadh to drop its commitment to the official OPEC price, adopt a more flexible and lucrative netback selling arrangement to attract customers and restore its market share.
It is a reshuffle driven by political strategy and private polling and headed by a man whose prime motive is no more or no less than to win the next general election.
By contrast, settlements settle nothing when, as alleged in the GM case, the prime motive is to preclude damaging testimony, resulting in problems that continue festering and predictably resurface with exponentially increased organizational liability.
The prime motive of GJTMCs is to upgrade technology and skills in mining, gems processing and jewellery manufacturing through training and provision of required equipments and facilities, official said.
With an increase in the amount of patient information stored in digital format, the need to securely and effectively retain this data has become a prime motive for healthcare providers.
The company was established in 1996 with the prime motive to export high quality grocery items and household goods to its neighboring country, Philippines.