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The scope of works includes: 1) double painting with lateksowymi- wall surfaces, including: a) mechanical cleaning and washing, b) priming coat szczepnym, with the addition of quartz c) the location of a single layer of gypsum plasters, d) priming substrates - vertical surfaces.
m 1:3 mix 12mm thick, Colour washing two coats over a priming coat of white washing, Supplying and fixing of MS iron gate with suitable angles, Providing steel reinforcement for reinforced concrete works, Painting two coats using enamel paint over one coat of approved primer
Tenders are invited for Renovation of Room No 2 and its attached Toilet in SS Block of IASRI, New Delhi:Distempering with oil bound washable distemper of approved brand and manufacture to give an even shade : New work (two or more coats) over and including water tinna-ble priming coat with cement primer.