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A priming dose of 2 cGy before a pre-mating dose of 200 cGy of X-rays consistently reduced dominant lethal mutations in Drosophila by half.
Analgesia is provided for 20-25 minutes by a priming dose of 3 ml; a second 3 ml will provide another 50-55 minutes.
Currently under study is a "semi-automatic" or "hybrid" strategy: The patient manually administers a partial, priming dose of insulin prior to eating, and the system regulates the remaining insulin.
Experimenters measured each subject's self-reported cravings as well as his or her behavioral and physiological responses three times during the study: (1) when the subject was told he or she would receive alcohol, (2) when the subject consumed the priming dose, and (3) when the subject was offered two extra drinks 45 minutes after consuming the priming dose (i.