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For Rousselet, the time-worn visual aids of moon and torchlight and plodding physical exertion produced the otherly splendour of idealized, pan-tropical primitiveness.
People accept without question things like the image of the crowd that called for Jesus' death--"Its ferocity, its size, its primitiveness," explains Adlerstein.
I am sure that dragging our current region from the glory of its past, which was shining like a rising star in the period of the Islamic civilization, to a state of collapse and primitiveness that has been lasting for centuries.
The impression of primitiveness is heightened by Frede's insistence on the strength of the social taboo that made atheism "unspeakable"--a taboo that she claims inhibited even so daring a thinker as Herzen from asserting straight out that God does not exist.
At the same time, primality can suggest the negative qualities of primitiveness and baseness, a lack of sensitivity and sophistication.
In his classic autobiographical novel, Nasslorna blomma (Flowering Nettle) (1935, 1936), Swedish Nobel laureate Harry Martinson (1904-78) relates how as a seven-year-old child whose father had died and whose mother had run off to the United States, he was "auctioned off" by the parish authorities to be taken care of by the lowest bidder, becoming a charity boy going "on the parish," moving between farm households characterized by either awkwardness, cold lovelessness in the disguise of religiosity, or outright raw primitiveness before ending up at the old folks' home at the age of eleven--the only place where he was received with love and tenderness.
Indeed, it was the very isolation and perceived robust primitiveness of the stateless peoples of the northern frontier that drew Meyer Fortes to the Zuarungu District in the first place.
Los Angeles interior and product designer Hillary Thomas says she responds to the divergent qualities of primitiveness and sophistication in rocks and minerals.
An analytical juxtaposition of these two plays reveals the superiority of primitiveness to modernity.
In the Lomax/Library of Congress work, modern technology facilitated a democratic ideal of balladry and other folk music that was nonetheless tainted, like the nation itself, by racialized assumptions about the primitiveness and humor of black voice.
Everything had to relate to inferiority, primitiveness, exoticism, or some form of low human achievement.
As I envisaged the primitiveness of the tribal rites, where the Chosen Maiden must die to save the earth, I felt that my body must draw into itself, must absorb the fury of the hurricane.