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In the horizontal scans, the principal axis of orientation changes continuously and follows contours that connect locations with an identical degree of whitening.
A point makes a high contribution to the inertia of a principal axis in two ways--when it has a large distance from the barycenter, even if it has a small mass, or when it has a large mass, but a small distance.
Initially, several exploratory factor analyses using principal axis factor analysis with oblimin rotation were conducted.
The group consisted of African Americans, 3 European Americans and 1 Hispanic American, the principal Axis I diagnosis was conduct disorder (5), Oppositional Defiant Disorder (4) and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (6).
Horizontal displacements were recorded for the internal index contour along the principal axis in the central part of structural scheme quarter; the scheme of measuring instruments location is given in Fig 4 b.
The factor extraction procedure was principal axis factoring.
The line joining the two centers is the principal axis of the lens.
For each principal axis the relevant eigenvector of orientation matrix was computed as the "most probable" orientation.
Up to 540 degrees rotation of the arm's principal axis has a unique "ball-track" soft-stop design that prevents arm damage common with conventional hard stops.
Whereas with a long-standing daily newspaper the principal axis of change is altering notions of what constitutes news, and the best way of presenting it, with a niche publication like The Field the parameters of change are more complex and relate to a whole mosaic of changing perceptions of what the country, the countryside, rural life and man's relationship to nature might consist of.

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