principal support

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Our primary objective was to determine, using path analysis, the direct and indirect effects of principal support, role problems, stress, job satisfaction, and commitment on intent to stay in teaching while controlling for other potential influences.
The principal support to consumer spending came from continued large gains in outlays for services.
Some 200 organizations are being recruited to collaboratively present the Arizona SciTech Festival, with principal support and guidance from ASU, the Arizona Technology Council Foundation and the Arizona Science Center.
The MAS Summit will outline an agenda for ensuring livability for all New Yorkers, with principal support from The Rockefeller Foundation and the Ford Foundation.
Skipper Dominic Ostler scored 41 before he was run out, James Neale (34), Tom Lewis (27) and Phil Neale (27) the principal support, and that looked a handsome total as Walmley's openers fell to Imran Arif for two apiece.
Contract notice: principal support provider for predomiantely design, safety case and project management services for nuclear related infrastructure at hmnb clyde and possible occasional nuclear related work elsewhere in the uk
While principal support for the Foundation's charitable activities comes from the Interest on Trust Accounts Program, other support comes from contributions from lawyers, including the Lawyers' Challenge for Children, and other individuals, law firms, foundations, and corporations, and, from time to time, cy pres awards.
In addition to principal support, collegial support exists between staff.
Also joining is Beverley LaRosa who will play a principal support role.
Specifically, three factors were consistently cited by students as reasons for staying in the program: incentives, principal support, and peer support.
It provides general guidance on the nature and extent of documentation necessary to support the auditor's report, and it reaffirms documentation's role as the principal support for that report and as a tool that helps the auditor conduct and supervise the audit.
Netezza's Principal Support Analyst Jim Coleman said, "Deploying ISOdx really gave our support organization a shot of adrenalin.

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