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DeLisi, from theDOE's Office of Health and Environmental Research and a principal supporter of HGI, if mapping of the human genome proceeds at its present-day pace, it will take, 7,000 years to decipher the entire sequence.
From the beginning, the LAUSD has been a principal supporter of ELE because it will help our children become better students.
On the seventh day of "the week that changed the world," as Nixon called it, he and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai signed the "Shanghai Communique," which began the normalization of bilateral relations and bound the United States, a principal supporter of Taiwan, to the People's Republic's doctrine of "One China.
The Iranian media then reported that Iran's "revolutionary proposal has astonished the Zionist regime and its principal supporter the US.
Soka Gakkai, the lay Buddhist organization and the party's principal supporter, was harshly oppressed by the militarist government before and during World War II.
Jayne Casey, of the A Foundation, principal supporter of the Biennial's Independents section, said: ``It is the irreverent, eclectic, eccentric strand of the Biennial.
The pair live on a 200-acre farm at Capheaton near Newcastle and have nine horses under their care, including several owned by Ray Green, the principal supporter of trainer Andrew Parker - David's brother - who took over the family stable at Lockerbie, following the death of their father Colin in 2000.
Mayor James Hahn announced nominees for three of the city's major departments Friday, including a one-time opponent who became a principal supporter in this year's race for mayor.
Headquartered in Guatamela City, the organization has satellite offices throughout the coffee producing areas and also is the principal supporter of 14 rural healthcare clinics.
The Los Angeles City Council on Tuesday overrode Mayor Richard Riordan's veto of a living-wage ordinance in a move Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg, its principal supporter, said will benefit the local economy.
AAA is the principal supporter of the Coalition for Road and Traffic Safety, a group of public and private entities that is working to develop a professional training program to raise instructor standards nationally.
Disney's ongoing commitment includes principal supporter of Family Volunteer Day and founding sponsor of the Daily Points of Light Trust that recognizes individuals and organizations who promote volunteering for kids and families.

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