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PRINCE. In a general sense, a sovereign the ruler of a nation or state. The son of a king or emperor, or the issue of a royal family; as, princes of the blood. The chief of any body of men.
     2. By a clause inserted in policies of insurance, the insurer is liable for all losses occasioned by "arrest or detainment of all kings, princes, and people, of what nation, condition, or quality soever." 1 Bouv. Inst. n. 1218.

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Julie-Ann Haines Chief Customer Officer at Principality Building Society, said: "We are developing our branches to suit the demands and behaviour of what our Members tell us they want.
We believe the new format and in particular, the additional, guaranteed local derbies in the first half of the season will further support the work of the regions to establish the place of the Principality Premiership within the regional and national pathway in order to underpin player, coach and referee development, and at this time we feel this solution meets the vast majority of those needs.
Our savers are fundamental to Principality with 91.
Minister Kubuabola thanked and the Principality of Andorra for supporting Fiji, and looks forward to closer cooperation between the two countries within the framework of the United Nations.
As a mutual building society, Principality has no shareholders to satisfy, and is run purely for the benefit of its 500,000 members that hold a mortgage or savings product with them.
Besides, Monaco Principality had undertaken to provide a three-year funding for an UNRWA project aimed at improving the quality of the services provided by the Agency to heart diseases Palestinian patients in Lebanon.
Throughout the tournament, Jamie has been giving his opinion on the matches in his weekly column inWales On Sunday, sponsored by Principality Building Society.
The Principality sponsorship would have been the biggest in the club's 103-year history, dwarfing the current Ken Thorne World of Cars deal.
Societe des Bains de Mer, since 1863, has the exclusive rights to operate casinos in the Principality of Monaco.
The Welsh Government's tourism minister spoke recently at a Wales office reception in London, when he told guests: 'We are going to promote the principality of Wales as a wonderful principality'.
Principality have been sponsors of the OBA programme since the scheme began seven years ago.
Julian, a chartered accountant who has worked at Principality for 11 years, will lead an internal team of auditors, responsible for evaluating the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes within Wales' largest building society.