principle of law

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The Tokyo Declaration says the two nations will try to resolve the territorial row on the basis of the principle of law and justice, while the Moscow Declaration stipulates the two sides' resolve to conclude a peace treaty by 2000.
However, the Federal Court of Appeal disagreed, saying, "It is a well-established principle of law and a fundamental tenet of our system of government, in which Parliament and not the judiciary is supreme, that the courts have no power to review the policy considerations which motivate cabinet decisions.
No, to the Founding Fathers - fresh from a monarchy with nonexistent individual rights - the most important principle of law was that it protect the innocent and the presumed innocent against the state's capacity to oppress and misuse power, not that it punish the guilty.
While the ACLJ actively defends the free speech rights of hundreds of individuals and groups in state and federal courts across the country, the ACLJ is also committed to the basic principle of law that the First Amendment does not give citizens a blank check to say whatever they want, however they want, wherever they want - especially when the rights of others are violated.
It is now well settled principle of law that a resignation to take effect under Article 64 of the Constitution is dependent on the fulfillment of the constitutional duty of the Speaker to be satisfied that three factors are established: that it is tendered voluntarily;it is genuine, and that the member actually intended to relinquish, relieve or to quit the seat, he added.
If any principle of law might interfere with such justifications, they struck it down (Winnipeg, Dobson, Hill & Stenberg).
Under no principle of law can the exercise be repeated once a report has been given by a Commission appointed by this Court which falsifies the allegations of the petitioner", it added.
It is a well established principle of law that government agencies may not sponsor religious worship or require people to take part in religious ceremonies," wrote AU Executive Director Barry W.
The judge's ruling was based on a fundamental principle of law that with benefits of a legal agreement goes the burdens," Kasdan explained.
It said that the court shall also take note that the Committee in question has been constituted apparently on the basis of proportionate representation of political parties than any other yardstick, principle of law or rule of the Parliament.

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