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Built specifically for professionals in the datacom and electrical fields, it comes standard with a life-like on-screen print preview and color display to show exactly how labels will look after printing.
This new version features a lot of enhancements as follows: improved Print Preview support; an Image Editor, allowing you to rotate, scale, and crop captured images; and a completely redesigned Save As feature.
5 includes print preview and modification enhancements, giving users control over the printing of web pages and automatically scaling pages to fit the paper.
With LeanPrint software, customers can easily choose settings to obtain a clear picture of the savings for each print job within the print preview and quantify the amount of paper and toner being used.
For developers working in XAML, Spread Studio 8 now provides Print and Print Preview, Structured reference support, and a new control appearance.
Pixie 4 can easily import pages from Pics4Learning and existing activities and includes additional print options such as multipage print preview and Avery print layouts.
The program presents its analysis in a clear easy to manipulate print preview called GreenView, allowing users to quickly confirm and/or adjust exactly what gets printed.
Using Print Preview can help you to avoid potential problems.
The universal print preview with zoom and page delete capability ensures that printed content is controlled by the user and not the application.
5 also has better printing facilities including print preview and the ability to be able to scale a web site so that it fits on one page when printed.