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Since Caxton's time Morte d'Arthur has been printed many times, and it is through it perhaps, more than through the earlier books, that the stories of Arthur still live for us.
The grand poem, the grand edifice, the grand work of humanity will no longer be built: it will be printed.
1610, a learned Swiss, Isaac Nicholas Nevelet, sent forth the third printed edition of these fables, in a work entitled "Mythologia Aesopica.
in the two privately printed volumes, the arrangement of which occupied Mr.
Then he showed us another little job he'd printed and hadn't charged for, because it was for us.
Well, it was printed, and she got three hundred dollars for it, likewise plenty of praise and blame, both so much greater than she expected that she was thrown into a state of bewilderment from which it took her some time to recover.
I wish I'd printed the whole or not at all, for I do hate to be so misjudged.
But when his door finally closed behind Anne and Leslie they knew that he went straight to it, and as they walked home they pictured the delight of the old man poring over the printed pages wherein his own life was portrayed with all the charm and color of reality itself.
Three-dimensional products molded from any combination of resins can be printed.
Even with advances in digital archiving and document imaging, the world still turns on the printed word, especially in higher education.
While in the past many documents created by on-demand printing were printed in black-and-white, companies are increasingly implementing full color into digitally printed materials, particularly with the dramatic drop in color printing and equipment costs.
She also emphasizes the singular connection between musical texts and musical performance that results in a "dual life" for printed music, existing as both text and performance.