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Prosecutors sought to demonstrate that the defendant had emailed a forged birth certificate and introduced a printout of Skype account information showing a username matching the username of the email account used to send the forged certificate.
Some printouts may be graphic-heavy, consuming up a lot of the ink.
In Question II, if there are three options: the syllabus online, the syllabus in printout, and the syllabus in both online and printout formats, 60.
So Fierro is offering the original printout of the sonogram on eBay to the highest bidder.
During the individual consultation, participants were provided with the color printouts of their bone density results with graphic images and graphs.
In the "Registering the Registries" article in the Bridal Report in the March 11 issue, it was stated that Bloomingdale's does not supply a printout of the registry.
When a vessel arrives in port, our deployment support team members produce an Integrated Computerized Deployment System printout of the stowed cargo, which is an exceptionally accurate template of how the cargo is stowed on-board the vessel.
Color printout reports allow for simple interpretation and quick viewing.
In addition, printer and RS 232 ports connect the unit to printers and computers, allowing the instantaneous printout of results.
The printout has room for comments and is ready to submit for reimbursable studies and inclusion in patient records.
The company where the item was charged as well as the date of purchase are totaled on the printout, coming from credit card use.
Furthermore, they argued that the existence of a paper printout did not automatically invalidate the record status of the remaining electronic version.