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For all the claims for the "deconstruction" and "subversion" of the subject, it would appear that it remains resolutely and implacably in place, pristinely awaiting its next deconstruction and subversion.
The idiom of contemporary product design, from IKEA to Apple, whispered through the room, and the pristinely squared layouts of unblemished goods tended to contradict the participatory spirit made palpable in the videos.
Dinan is perfect for any modern day historian, with pristinely preserved medieval streets and ramparts harbouring a cornucopia of boutiques, shops and creperies.
The best ice cream and the best frozen fruit desserts are pristinely simple in their ingredients.
8220;If you had virtually unlimited resources, a pristinely practicable imagination, and a knack for turning air into butter, what do you suppose you'd do next?
Veryser shows that this diagnosis is pristinely, perfectly wrong, like an autopsy report that blames a lung cancer death on "not enough cigarettes to kill the tumor.
Walk into a place that looks pristinely designed to death, without a thing out of place, and you are probably in for some work that won't have much life to it.
There is no trip down the hallway of a lovely home in order to reach the privacy of a sweet-smelling, pristinely clean room that those in developed countries take so much for granted.
Roberts offers a pristinely scholarly analysis of this parlous state of affairs but he doesn't surrender his right to anger and concern, and nor should he.
Her ultra-chic ensembles of plunging necklines and strong silhouettes are kept sophisticated rather than crass, thanks to her fondness of a neutral colour palette and pared down tailored pieces that show off her flawless figure (and of course her jealously-inducing pins), ensuring her outfits are always pristinely executed.
The pristinely white dust jacket is embossed with an unidentified numismatic medallion that looks like the image of Alexander the Great but is probably supposed to be Constantine.