private communication

See: secret
References in classic literature ?
While these few words were being exchanged among the elders, a private communication was in course of progress between the two young people under the cabin table.
You say Gavrila Ardalionovitch has private communications with Aglaya?
She may have had, like myself, her own private communications for some favoured ear.
Platform allows individuals, businesses, and governments to protect private communication
announced today that it has signed a Distribution Agreement with Siemens Private Communication Systems Group.
Its products are sold to telephone companies, interexchange carriers and Fortune 500 type firms that operate their own private communication networks.
NASDAQ-NMS: AAPL) and Siemens Private Communication Systems Group today announced their plans to combine certain Apple technologies with Siemens and ROLM telephony capabilities.
NASDAQ: NTRX) and Siemens Group Private Communication Systems today
The poll findings conflict with the actions of estate attorneys, who are lobbying for legislation in many states that would give them new powers to access private communications of the deceased -- even against express privacy choices the individual made while alive.
com)-- Private Communications Corporation, makers of Private WiFi, a new and innovative product in the security software market, today announced it has joined mediabistro.
The network enables a wide range of private communications services including wide area LANs, hosted thin-client server applications, storage area networking, and IP streaming of broadcast TV content, as well as Internet access at speeds starting at 100 million bits per second.
and Cain Capital provide funding to further strengthen Silent Circle's market leadership and global delivery of unrivaled private communications services