private wrong

See: tort
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Every penny of the potential pounds 141million NHS bill to publicly correct a private wrong must be refunded by clinics and insurers.
For redress of a public wrong, it is appropriate that the state have the power to determine whether to prosecute the wrong; for redress of a private wrong, it is appropriate that the victim of the wrong solely have that power [136].
a tort or other private wrong, unlike the officers' actions in
The Juarez murders are in most senses a private wrong (11) (see Brysk 2005)--or a set or series of private wrongs.
Though it carries out a sort of punishment, the play protects the self-image of the bourgeois class by linking the husband's "kindness" to respectability and family prestige and by dealing with adultery as a private wrong privately judged.
Like other Revenge tragedies typical of the time, Middleton's drama tells the story of a body hired to avenge a private wrong.
Tort: A private wrong, independent of contract and committed against an individual, that gives rise to a legal liability and is adjudicated in a civil court.
Again a possible crime against society is being addressed as a private wrong between two people.
Because crime is considered a public as well as a private wrong, victims must be understood as representatives of the public as a whole .
His discussion of the distinction between public and private wrongs is rather thin; and there is much work needed to explain how the retributive and consequentialist values are to be combined.
In civil actions brought by private parties, the plaintiffs are seeking to address private wrongs or delineate private rights.
Colby, Beyond the Multiple Punishment Problem: Punitive Damages as Punishment for Individual, Private Wrongs, 87 MINN.